Royal Bank

Security and Stability

Royal Bank has taken a number of important steps to ensure the security of our banking clients. Using industry leading technology standards and highly attuned human verification processes, Royal Bank provides a transparent and secure banking environment.

Transactional Only Banking

While you may not know it, one of the biggest risks to banking clients is not online fraud, but the fractional reserve banking system. Royal Bank holds a 100% deposit ratio and is a transactional only bank. The bank makes no loans and does not engage in leverage or speculation with client assets.

Industry Leading Encryption

The bank utilizes 256bit SSL encryption certificates to protect all client sensitive material. Our software is PCI compliant and follows the latest in online security practices. Our servers offer triple-redundancy protection to ensure your information is always available. We offer clients the ability to communicate through PGP encrypted email, or internal virtual messaging to further our privacy offering.

Human Intervention

Unlike major money center banks who have straight through processing (STP), our trained staff manually processes all outgoing transactions. This human verification process gives you an additional level of protection from electronic hacking. The knowledge of our clients combined with strong AML training substantially reduces the chances for fraudulent activity within your account.